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Pregnancy Massage

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Pre-natal massage is one of the great things you'll find at Palms therapeutic Massage.  The talented Registered Massage therapist's working within Palms have all trained to work safely and effectively on specific pregnancy related issues.

  • calf cramps
  • hip soreness
  • sciatica
  • wrist, carpal tunnel pain
  • back soreness
  • tension headaches
  • stress relief
  • more...

Clients can choose to side- lie, or use our more popular pregnancy pillow; designed to support a face-down position for comfortable massage without straining the low back or putting pressure on the abdominal area. Most clients use the pillow right up to term unless the baby is very active and they find front lying uncomfortable. Your RMT will check in with you throughout your session to make sure your are comfortable. 

Always get the okay from your doctor to receive massage therapy while pregnant. We suggest avoiding massage if you are having a high risk pregnancy.